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There will be a special Board meeting on Tuesday, June 27.  The meeting will begin at 7:00 A.M. in the Board office.

The Board's regular monthly meeting is the 3rd Thursday of each month and begins at 6:30 P.M.  All are welcome to attend the monthly Board meeting.

The new agenda will be posted at least 2 days prior to a scheduled regular meeting.


"The Northern Local School District places first priority on the safety and well being of our students. It is only in a safe and nurturing environment that a student can truly reach their greatest potential. Therefore, we take a proactive approach to any form of bullying and harassment that may occur between our students. If you or your child feel that a bullying or harassment behavior is occurring, please contact your child's teacher or building principal immediately. We cannot assist with issues that we are unaware of and that often can only make the child feel more helpless. We appreciate your help in creating the safest environment for all of our students to thrive and grow."

Confirmed incidents of bullying for 2012-2013 with disciplinary action (4)

Confirmed incidents of bullying for 2015-2016 with disciplinary action (1)

Confirmed incidents of bullying for 2016-2017 with disciplinary action (7)

Keep in mind that harassment and bullying are a result of repeated actions and not a single reported incident.

Click here for antibullying information.