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I hope everyone is enjoying the summer. Our Open House is August 14th, 6-7p.m. In an attempt to communicate in advance, you are receiving this mailing to give you an opportunity to view expectations for Dress and Grooming and Student Attendance  at Sheridan Middle School for the 2014-15 school year. Additional information can be found at Sheridan Middle School website .

Dress and Grooming

While fashion changes, the reason for being in school does not.  Students are in school to learn.  Students are expected to dress appropriately for a day of school work.  Any fashion (dress, accessory, or hairstyle) that disrupts the educational process or presents a safety risk will not be permitted.  Any fashion (dress, accessory, or hairstyle) that is patently contrary to the school’s education mission will not be permitted. The administration will make the final judgment on the appropriateness of student dress, accessory, or hairstyle.

The following codes have been revised in the Sheridan Middle School Student Handbook.  The following are prohibited:

  • form fitting attire, yoga pants and tights are prohibited.
  • Clothing that fits improperly. (too large, too small, too tight, length of shorts should extend beyond mid-thigh), no running or compression shorts.
  • clothing torn, ripped, cut, slit, or defaced (no holes)
  • extreme make-up or hair color

All other Dress and Grooming Codes have not changed and will continue to be enforced. Please  refer  to the  Student Agenda for complete codes


Students will be given five (5) days per semester of excused absence. Days will not carry over from first semester to second semester. Once your student has reached 5 excused days, each absence there after will be considered unexcused unless a Doctor’s note is provided.  Parents are encouraged to schedule their child's appointments with doctors and dentists during non-school hours to the extent possible.

Notification of Absence

 If a student is going to be absent, the parents should contact the school  (743-1315) by 10:00 AM and provide an explanation.  If that is not possible, the parents should provide a written excuse within two (2) days after the student's return to school.  If an excuse is not provided, the absence will be unexcused, and the student will be considered truant.

Riding a Different Bus

If a student is riding a different afternoon bus, you must send in a written note for permission.  A student will not be able to ride a different bus without written permission.

All other Attendance Codes have not changed and will continue to be enforced.  Please refer to the Student Agenda for complete codes.

Jay B. Hickman




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