Sheridan Middle School Announcements


Morning, Generals,  

Today is Friday, May 17th,  2019.


Today should be a Gray day for the 7th grade.


Perfect Attendance for Thursday was:

Mr. Baker,

Mrs. Cologie,

Mr. Forgrave,

Mrs. Jones,

Mrs. Reed,

And Mr. Wolfe


Lunch for Today should be Pizza!!

Lunch for Monday should be Shredded Chicken, and Cheesy Potatoes


Our lunchtime forecast for today should be around 68 degrees, with mostly sunny skies.


After school, the high will be around 74 degrees, with mostly cloudy skies.


The moon phase is a Waxing Gibbous, with 98% lit.


In Sports news,

The soccer teams are headed to Gahanna on Saturday, for a double header of games.

First, soccer team one takes on West Jefferson, and soccer team two takes on Pataskala.

Then they will go head to head again, for the third time this season.


The Megan Custer 3-on-3 is back again Sunday, May 26


You can register your team at


Information fliers are available in the office for both the Somerset Kids Creativity Camp, and the Perry County Chamber of Commerce’s Manufacturing Camp.


The Sheridan Showdown Talent Show will be Monday, May 20th in the gym.


Ms. Van Balen has a few extra yearbooks for sale.


* You may stop by and pay for them next Monday and Tuesday morning.  She will not be selling them this week.


*They are $20.00


Return your late books back to the Library, or you will owe the cost for the whole book.


Get them to Ms Lundy please.


Here are the results from this week’s Cheerleading tryouts…


Next year’s 7th grade cheerleaders for football and basketball are:

Madalyn Stalter

Kyleigh Tyo

Addison Routte


Abygail Murdock

Georgia West

Cianna Cashdollar

And Megan Parker


Next year’s 8th grade cheerleaders for football are:

Avery Frame

Kember Henry

Ellie Koehler


Elizabeth Barnes

Makayla Vest

Riley Romine

And Neveah Smith


Next year’s 8th grade cheerleaders for basketball are:

Kember Henry

Elizabeth Barnes

Makayla Vest


Riley Romine

And Neveah Smith


Congratulations ladies.



“A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes. It is a catalyst and it sparks extraordinary results.”


And that’s all for today…

Have a great weekend, Generals!


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