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Supply List

Somerset Elementary School Supply List


                         Please place your child’s name in their book bag, coat, jacket, hat and gloves.


Required items: Book bag (no wheels) (book bag must fit binder and library book), 1 set of headphones, put name on these, (no earbuds please and if these break they will need replaced throughout the year), 1 box of 24-count crayons (No Larger), 1 large plastic pencil box, 1-pair of Fiskars blunt tip scissors, 2- wide ruled composition notebook solid colored (no name please), 1 box of 12-count washable markers, 1 pkg. of skinny EXPO dry erase markers (black),  1-large package of glue sticks, 1 box of gallon size Ziploc bags, 1 box sandwich size, 1 box of Kleenex, 1 pair of slippers Need to have a hard rubber sole or rubber grips to prevent slipping. 2 pkgs. of #2 pencils (sharpened), 1 1” 3 ring binder with name inside,  1 pencil pouch for Binder, 1 poly folder name inside.  1 clipboard with flat clip (name on top) 1-zipper pouch,  1 pack colored pencils, 1-pack plastic sheet protectors, 2 Book Bins any color (Walmart/Target)


First Grade

Please make sure to label the following items with your child’s name:  Headphones (no earbuds), book bag (no wheels), plastic school box, 2 – 2 pocket plastic folders with three prong fasteners, small plastic recipe box to hold index cards (holds 150 cards), scissors, 2-composition notebooks (sewn binding), 1 box 24 crayons, 2-large erasers, 12-glue sticks,

The remaining supplies will be community supplies, no labels needed.  12 pencils (sharpened),

1 pk white index cards, 4 dry erase markers (black), 1 large box of tissues, 1 bag of individually wrapped candy.  (If you would like to donate other items to the classroom, we need:  watercolor paints, markers, color pencils, pens, clear packing tape, paper plates, plastic spoon and forks and paper towels, (boys) - gallon Ziploc bags, (girls) - sandwich size Ziploc bags  (Please do not feel obligated to donate.)  We may ask for more supplies throughout the school year if your child runs out of supplies.


Second Grade

Please make sure to label the following items:  book bag, plastic school box, 2 plastic pocket folders, headphones, (no earbuds)

The remaining will be community supplies that all second graders will use:  24 #2 pencils, scissors, 2 boxes of crayons, 2 or more glue sticks, 2 black dry erase markers, 4 large dry erasers or 2 pkgs. of pencil top erasers, 1 box - snack size Ziploc bags, 1 pkg markers, boys – paper towels, girls - tissues


Third Grade

 Headphones (bring unwrapped, in Ziploc bag with name on bag), 1 roll paper towels, 4 or more large glue sticks, 2 spiral notebooks (one subject), 3- plastic folders: 1 green, 1 red, 1 blue (put names on top front), 1- pkg. markers, 1 box of sandwich size Ziploc bags, pencils #2 Ticonderoga brand, colored pencils, dry erase markers (BLACK only)

Please only send what is on this list.  Thank You.



 Fourth Grade

Please label all personal items.  Book bag or back pack, earbuds /headphones, 3 two-pocket plastic folder, pencil pouch, 48 #2 pencils (Ticonderoga last longer), 2 pkgs. pencil top erasers, 1 box 24 crayons, 1 box colored pencils, 1 box markers, 4 large glue sticks, sharp- pointed scissors, 1 three-subject notebook, 3 two-pocket folders,  2 highlighters any color, 2 – thick, black white board markers,

Optional: If your child doesn’t like the track pad on the Chromebook, you can purchase a mouse.   Additional items may be asked for throughout the year.



Fifth Grade

In previous years we have combined supplies for the classroom community.  However, over the years taking care of our classroom supplies has been an issue.  We strongly believe that if students have a pencil box with their own supplies they will be more responsible for their items.  Therefore, when your child runs out of supplies it will be their responsibility to “restock”.

Please send the following items to school the first day:  Trapper Keeper with 3 plastic 3 hold folders (different colors), pencil box or zipper pouch filled with pencils, coloring supplies, scissors, black dry erase markers and glue sticks.  Ziploc bags, 1 composition book, 2 packages of wide ruled notebook paper, 1 box of tissues, sturdy headphones (THESE MUST BE AT SCHOOL THE FIRST WEEK), Optional wireless mouse,.  Shopping List:  3 plastic 3 hole folders, sturdy headphones, 1 trapper keeper binder, 8-glue sticks, 1 pencil box or pouch, 2 boxes of colored pencils, crayons or markers, scissors, 48 - #2 Ticonderoga pencils, 1 box Ziploc bags (girls: sandwich; boys: gallon), 4 pack of black dry erase markers.  Keep leftover items at home to “restock” throughout the year.


**There is a $25 school fee for all students. This can be paid by cash or check, payable to Northern Local School District.  The fee needs paid by the end of the First Nine Weeks.**

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