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Welcome to my webpage! 


Hello Thornville and Somerset families!


Welcome to Week 9 of our remote learning experience.  I know this has been a very different school year for everyone but I hope that you are doing well.  Remember that we get through this!  Think of all the Positivity Project character strengths that we have all had to use during this time.  I know I have have had to use some of the strengths that are not very high on my list.  That just goes to show you that we do have alll of those strengths within us and when needed, we are capable of using them to help us get through any situation.


Your mental and physical health are very important to me.  When you are feeling a little down or frustrated, try to find something to do to cheer yourself up.  Maybe you can do some exercises, draw a picture, read a book, or listen to some upbeat music.  I want you to know that I miss seeing everyone and I look forward to seeing you all in the fall.


I have posted a video of a Virtual Field Day that Mrs. White and I put together.  It can be found on the Thornville Teachers Share Facebook page as well as the school webpage.  We hope you enjoy it!


I will be posting another video soon on the Thornville Elementary Teachers Share Facebook page.  You can also follow me on Twitter @sjohns_22.  Please post, tweet, or email me things that you are doing.  I would LOVE to see them!


At-Home Equipment Replacement List

PE Equipment                       Household Items

Any Balls.                                    Socks, crumpled up recycled paper, stuffed animals

Balance Beam                             2x4 or any long flat board

Beanbags                                    Socks, smaller stuffed animals

Bowling Pins                               Water bottles, shampoo or soap bottles, empty paper towel


Cup Stacking                              Plastic cups

Discs/Frisbees                            Plastic plate, ice cream bucket lid

Flag Belts                                    Long socks tucked in waistband

Targets                                         Water bottles, plastic/paper plates, large pots and pans,

                                                     laundry baskets 

Tennis Racket                              Paper towel tube + plastic plates, spatula

Volleyball/Tennis Ball                   Balloons

Weight Vest                                  Backpack with some stuff in it


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