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            We find ourselves at the mid way point of this school year.  As always, it is hard to believe how quickly time goes.  Over the past couple months, Thornville Elementary has been very busy.  As we work hard in our day to day routine we are also learning about various character strengths through the Positivity Project. In November, we talked a lot about the character strength of gratitude. We honored our local veterans with our Veteran Day assembly.  We are extremely grateful for the service and sacrifice all veterans make. Along with honoring our local veterans we had a visit from WWI re-enactor and historian Jeremy Bowles, aka The Dayton Doughboy.  This year marked the 100th anniversary of the United States entering WWI and Jeremy talked with our students about “his time” in the army during WWI.  He also did an extended session with our fifth grade class talking about what things would have been like for the The Dayton Doughboy and his fellow soldiers.  Also in November, we welcomed some special guests for our annual Thanksgiving Feast.  During this celebration and meal our second graders sang while our fifth graders served.  In December, our third graders wrapped up the first half of the year with another great Christmas Concert led by Mrs. VanSickle. We also had other great learning experiences such as our student wax museum, Christmas Around the World lessons, volcano experiments, and group “press conferences.” There is so much for us to be grateful for in our school, community, and country. 


            As we begin the second half of this school year we find ourselves fighting the cold weather and snow that January has brought.  Fittingly, our first Positivity Project character strength back is; perseverance.  Individuals who are strong in this character strength have a never give up attitude and understand that their hard work will eventually pay off.  Perseverance is a great strength for us to teach and model to our children.  Along with perseverance our students are covering Hope/Optimism, Prudence, Fairness and Love over the next few weeks. In February our building will have our next assembly where we will recognize some individuals who do a great job demonstrating those strengths. 


            Here are the students that have been recognized for the first ten character strengths we have looked at so far this year:


                        Curiosity = Ayven Carpenter              Open-Mindedness = Canyon Daly

                        Perspective = Rylan Mitchell              Teamwork = Ellie Ruthers

                        Creativity = Pete Culver                     Bravery = Kaylee Watts

                        Gratitude = Aubrey Rhodes                Humility = Makenna Kellermeyer

                        Kindness = Caleb Wilson                    Self-Control = Zaraya Addis


            Also coming up in February we will be able to enjoy a visit from The Columbus Children’s Theatre.  This year they will be preforming a version of the “Three Little Pigs” for our students.  Thank you PTO for your generosity in bringing this exciting performance to our building again this year.  Another great time that is coming up for our fourth graders is their Culture Day.  This is where they share with classmates and parent guests what they have learned about another country and culture that they have be researching.  This is always a fun time for our students and just another opportunity for them to show what they have been learning in a creative way.


            One of the final Positivity Project character strengths that our students will be learning about at the end of this school year is Connection/Purpose.  Although we only study each word for a week or two we want our students to recognize them in themselves and others everyday.  Connection/Purpose is one of those strengths that is built upon over time.  At Thornville we want all our students to feel connected to our school and community.  Most importantly we want them to see that they are a special individual who has a purpose in life that they can be excited about pursuing.













































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