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UPDATE......Surrogate training available ONLINE!!!

Surrogate Parents Needed for Students with
Special Needs

The Individuals with Disability Education Improvement Act (or IDEA) requires the children with disabilities who do not have parents available to advocate for them in the special education process
are assigned a surrogate parent.  It takes schools, parents, and other stakeholders working together to address the need of our children, especially our children with disabilities.

The Northern Local School District is seeking adults who would be interested in acting as a surrogate parent to represent students with disabilities in the special education process.

The role of the surrogate parent is to make decisions about special education issues on their behalf. Surrogate parents are needed in caseswhen no parent can be identified, the parents' whereabouts are unknown, and the child is in foster care or is a ward of the state. Individuals acting as a surrogate for a child cannot be an employee of the school district.

If you're interested in becoming a surrogate parent, you must complete the Ohio Department of Education approved online or face to face surrogate parent training.  If you are interested in becoming a surrogate parent, you may visit http://parentsurrogate.edresourcesohio.org/index.php or contact Anita Berkheimer at (740)743-1303 for more information.

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