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General Tech Help for Staff

 General Tech Help
 *** This section will be continually under construction.
Directly below is list of topics that are explained further down the page.  Click on the topic to see the (sort of) step by step instructions.




Steps to Allow Student Internet Access (applies ONLY at Elementary Schools)




  • Open WordPad (not Word).  (WordPad: Start, Programs, Accessories, WordPad)
  • Type the usernames of each of your students.  One per line.
  • Click File, Save As.
  • Change the "Save As Type" field to Text File (.txt).
  • Name the file (< 8 characters) and save it in your personal directory (not inside another folder).
  • Remember the name you gave to that list.
  • When you want to grant the students access to the Internet…
  • Log in to a computer.
  • Double-click on Allow Student Internet.
  • Type the name of the file you created above.
  • Hit Enter.
When your students log in they will go to the Internet by double clicking the Student Internet icon on the desktop.
  • When your students' Internet session ends…
  • Log in to a computer.
  • Double click Dis-Allow Student Internet.
  • Type the name of the file you created above.
  • Hit Enter.

How do I Access My Folder on the Video Drive?

Log in to a computer.
Double-click the Video Drive icon on the desktop.
You might see a black box appear.  Ignore it.
Double-click the My Computer icon on the desktop (or right-click Start, then click Explore).
Open the "Video on Vbvod (V:)" drive.
Find and open your folder.

NOTE: Moving video files from this directory to your desktop will allow you to play the video without streaming it from the Internet.  Streaming from the Internet uses valuable bandwidth which in turn causes slow Internet and network performance for EVERYONE else in the building.

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Employee Kiosk

Logging In
On the Northern Local Homepage, click the "Employee Kiosk" link.
If you have never logged in before or you forget your password, click the appropriate line below the password field and follow the prompts.
Your new password or reset password will be sent to your email address.
Otherwise, enter your full email address and password and click Login.

To Request Leave
Leave can be requested for a future absence or it can be "requested" after you return from being ill.
Click "Leave Request"
Click "Create New Request"
Select the Appropriate choices for 
-Leave Type
-I think you must put something in for Reason.
-Enter a Start Date and End Date.  If you will miss a portion of day, you may enter the times.
-Leave Requested in Days  (how many days will you miss (or have you missed)?)

If your request requires paperwork to be included, electronic files can be sent as attachments at the bottom of the screen.

When you have entered all information, click Submit at the top of the New Leave Request box.

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