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SchoolPointe Introduction


Aspects: Web site and Intranet
          SchoolPointe consists of a public web site (the NLSD website) available to anyone with web access and it has an Intranet component available only to authorized users (our staff).  The public site has all the typical components of a school web site; District page, school pages, teacher pages, etc.
The links to the login screens are at the lower right corner of the NLSD page (see the bottom of this page):
          The round, white CMS symbol takes you to the login page for your webpage editing screen and the Intranet symbol takes you to the Intranet login screen
Your Web Page Login
          User name: Your SEOVEC email address (ex. no-bderf@seovec.org)
There is a "Reset My Password" link in the right sidebar.   Change your password ASAP.
TEACHERS: Clicking on the "My Teacher Webpages" box will take you to your web page editing area.
Layout of your webpage:
          Your Name
          Your Photo
          Your Bio
          Classrooms: Within Classrooms you can have a calendar, assignments, links, and images specific to particular classes.  So our Senior English teacher could develop a page for the CP Senior English class and one for the Regular English class with content specific to each.  Classrooms can be created, developed, and then hidden from public view until you want them to be seen.
          Pages: These pages will be available to anyone that visits your page.
          Calendar: Calendar that will appear on your home page.  Remember each classroom seems to have its own calendar as well.
Probably the easiest way to post your blizzard bag for course sections is to "Add a Page".  Name the page something appropriate for the sections for whom it applies, then provide the information needed.
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