Prescription Medication

A doctor must complete and sign the Authorization for Prescription Medication or Treatment  form and the parent or legal guardian must sign the bottom of the form. 

Medication must be in its original container with a pharmacy label containing the students name and exact dosage to be administered.

Medications that are taken three times a day should be taken at home and not at school.

All medications will be locked up in the clinic unless they are an emergency medication that has been authorized by the physician..
Emergency Inhalers and Epipens may be carried by a student with written approval by the doctor and parent. 

Non-Prescription (Over-The-Counter) Medication

A parent may complete and sign an Authorization for "Over-The-Counter" (Non-prescription) Medication or Treatment  form to allow a student to have such medications as Tylenol or Ibuprofen.  Students in Thornville, Glenford, or Somerset Elementary must use the Elementary Over-The-Counter form
Medication must be provided by the parent and in its original container (DO NOT place in baggie, etc) and can not exceed the dosage recommended by the manufacturer.


*****NOTE:  Please pick all medications up at the end of the school year.  They will be destroyed if they are not picked up.

Also medication forms must be completed each year.


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